Myah Dropped a New EP

Fresh off the heels of her first ever EP, Myah Marie has released a followup! The four track EP title I’ve Had Better is available for streaming now on Apple Music/Spotify. If you’re new or somehow missed Myah’s first EP, you can grab it here.

  1. I've Had Better Myah Marie 1:30
  2. Forget I Hate U Myah Marie 1:30
  3. Problems Problems Myah Marie 1:30
  4. Party Of One Myah Marie 1:30

New Myah Marie EP Available Now!

Great news Myah Marie fans! Myah just dropped new music! The five track EP is called I Fell In Love With Someone Else is available for streaming now! You can also download it from Myah’s official website. Available for streaming on Apple Music/Amazon Music/Spotify.

  1. Feels Good Myah Marie 1:31
  2. I Don't Know You Myah Marie 1:31
  3. I Fell In Love With Someone Else Myah Marie 1:30
  4. Why I Said Goodbye Myah Marie 1:30
  5. Feels Good (Acoustic) Myah Marie 1:30

Royal Teams Up with Myah For New Song

Royal is back with his latest single “Dying 2 Love U” featuring Myah Marie. Royal’s raps combined with Myah’s sultry vocals and catchy hook will have you obsessed! Preview it below and be sure to purchase/stream it on iTunes and Spotify!

Jack Eye Jones Does It Again With New Single “Time Goes By”

Jack Eye Jones released his song “Time Goes By” from his upcoming album! The track is  fun, easy, and catchy with beautiful vocals. This song will get you up and out of your seat and on the dance floor! Preview it below and be sure to purchase/stream it on iTunes or Spotify!

Jack Eye Jones Is Sure To Make You “Go Wild”

“Go Wild” is the latest intoxicating track by Jack Eye Jones featuring sexy, sultry vocals from Myah Marie! It delivers a bouncing bass and a trendy acid disco vibe making it a party anthem! Preview below and make sure to stream/purchase on Spotify and iTunes!

Kings & Queens EP Available NOW!

After a short delay due to explicit content, My Crazy Girlfriend has officially released their Kings & Queens EP on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Google Play.