Myah Marie Featured on New Track

Listen to Blastic’s new release, an addictive dance track called “Different”.  Preview below and stream/purchase on Spotify & iTunes

Myah Marie Vocal Sample Pack

Calling all DJs and Producers! Myah Marie has officially released her own vocal sample pack on Splice! Check it out here.

Myah Marie Featured on New Bombs Away Track

Myah Marie brings a pop influence to Bombs Away’s hot new track “Drive Me Home”.  Beautiful vocals and a smooth deep house sound highlight this musical gem! Preview it below and be sure to purchase/stream it on iTunes and Spotify!

Media Section Update

The decision was made to break down The Collection compilation into smaller “albums”.  All the songs are still available to listen to or download for free, we have just batched them based on when the hit the internet, and Myah’s most popular songs. We hope this doesn’t cause too much confusion. Enjoy!

Jack Eye Jones Does It Again With New Single “Time Goes By”

Jack Eye Jones released his song “Time Goes By” from his upcoming album! The track is  fun, easy, and catchy with beautiful vocals. This song will get you up and out of your seat and on the dance floor! Preview it below and be sure to purchase/stream it on iTunes or Spotify!

Jack Eye Jones Is Sure To Make You “Go Wild”

“Go Wild” is the latest intoxicating track by Jack Eye Jones featuring sexy, sultry vocals from Myah Marie! It delivers a bouncing bass and a trendy acid disco vibe making it a party anthem! Preview below and make sure to stream/purchase on Spotify and iTunes!

“Bad Days” Never Sounded So Good

Myah Marie has teamed with Sheridan Grout and Luke Anders for a powerful new club track called “Bad Days”! This song explodes with aggression and features huge vocals by Myah. Preview below and purchase/stream on iTunes and Spotify!

Paris Blohm’s “Body High” featuring Myah Marie available now!

Myah Marie is featured on the latest offering from Paris Blohm called “Body High”. This track is high energy and once again showcases Myah’s signature soaring vocals! Preview below and stream/purchase on iTunes or Spotify.

BEAUZ & LuxLyfe’s “Warning Signs”

“Warning Sings” is the latest track featuring goosebumps-inducing vocals from Myah Marie! The indie dance track by BEAUZ & LuxLyfe is dripping with sultry electronic pop vibes. Check out the preview below and be sure to stream/purchase on iTunes or Spotify.